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Alan talks about his show with...
Wendy Williams


The Today Show
'Blurred Lines' ruling: 'It's not a healthy precedent'


   • Optima Tax Relief: the Musical!!!

   • Need a Buddy at the IRS?


Raising funds for SPIN w. Mr. Empire



Appearing in Kenny Rogers’

Xmas musical ‘The Toy Shoppe'

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Growing Pains DVDs
Complete Seasons



Who Should Be President?!



Watch: The Thickenator Video


Inducted into
Canada's Walk of Fame

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‘Receiving ’14 Banff Festival Award of Distinction from Dan Frikkin’ Rather!'


How to Raise Kids
Who Won't Hate You:
Family Wisdom and Humor from a
Favorite TV Dad

Order How to Raise Kids Who Won’t Hate You!


Order How Men Have Babies: The Pregnant Father's Survival Guide

 How Men Have Babies:
The Pregnant Father's Survival Guide
Order How Men Have Babies: The Pregnant Father's Survival Guide 




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Watch Scream Queens

guest appearance Nov. 24 on Fox.



The Most Interesting Man in the Sports World



The Huffington Post
Boomer Monologues





"Alan Thicke is a hoot as the boozing, degenerate father figure on CBC's JPOD "
(Canadian Press)

“He’s so good...he’s never done dark before
and he’s never done scary,
it’s (Alan’) Pulp Fiction.” (Eyeweekly)

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Throwback Videos

Bits from MAHER and The TALK

The Goods
Live Hard Sell Hard



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