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Alan Thicke: 1947-2016           




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Dolly Couture




When Alan's daughter-in-law Dolly got engaged to his eldest son Brennan she'd hoped to get married in a dress like her own mother wore in the early 60's. (picture attached) A cocktail length gown with style and lots of petticoats.  Chagrined, Dolly couldn't find anything in stores and selected a traditional long gown. 


Dolly Couture

The thought of a fun shorter dress like dear old mom's stayed with her and she created a dress for dancing at her reception. Several more ideas for fun and flirty wedding dresses flooded in and Dolly realized that if she was interested in this look of the fantastic 50's...maybe other brides would be too.  She started a website and now creates darling dresses for brides all over the world.  Dolly's gowns have been featured on Whose Wedding is it Anyway, in fashion magazines in Europe and the United States and will have a dress featured in this Summer's issue of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine.  Dolly's friendly staff makes buying on line a joy, and if you are in the Los Angeles area you can drop by Dolly's boutique in Tarzana, CA.  Call for an appointment 818-389-5980 or visit http://www.DollyCouture.com


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