Nic Cipriani - Voice Actor Service Terms & Conditions (Revised: 04/24/2017)

  1. Stipulation: Any projects produced by Nic Cipriani (enNCee Enterprises, LLC) may not contain any profanity, vulgarity, hate messages or any slanderous, libelous or defamatory statements. We reserve the right to refuse to record any announcements that we deem inappropriate.

  2. Deposit: Due to the perishable and irretrievable nature of this service, prepayment in-full is due immediately for projects under $100USD.  Projects quoted over $100USD require a deposit of the first $100+50% of the remainder of the quoted price.  The deposit is fully refundable if project cancellation is received prior to delivery of any audio files.  50% of total deposit is refundable after client receives any audio files and decides not to proceed with the project.  All live-directed Skype® sessions require full prepayment and are not refundable and carry no session time limit (within reason).

  3. Payment: The preferred payment method is via PayPal (ID: email(a) Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.  Checks and deferred payment methods are not accepted for this service.

  4. Filtered Audio Deliverables:  Unless fully prepaid, all audio deliverables for non-union projects shall be partially watermarked so as to be unusable.  Watermarking will be removed upon receipt of final payment.

  5. Revisions:  Up to three re-read/pickup sessions on any project are included at no charge (Provided there are no copy changes*) when requested within a reasonable amout of time (Less than fifteen (15) days).  Any revisions beyond three and/or that include copy changes are charged as a new project. Please, diligently proof your copy/script before delivering it to us.  Revisions to correct for our mispronunciation of colloquial/idiomatic terms, proper names and such, shall be corrected at no additional charge.

  6. Copy/Script:  Copy should be delivered as printed text documents (Preferably, in MS Word format: Arial 14pts font, 1.5 spaces, 1 inch all margins).  Scripts contained in storyboards or interspersed copy throughout a document are not acceptable and will delay production in order to be transcribed to a readable format (An immediate $25 payment is required to convert storyboards to readable copy).

  7. Music, Sound effects or Special editing effects:  All music and sound effects must be provided by the client, who is solely responsible for any licensing fees or copyright costs.  Audio should be provided as high-quality MP3 files and will not be reused for other clients (Unless Royalty-free and/or in the public domain).  There is no charge for adding client-provided music or sound effects as is.  Any special editing of music or effects will incur additional production charges.

  8. Buyout:  All non-union projects include unlimited use for the client for which it was produced.  Our projects cannot be exported, re-edited for re-use nor copied.  Projects may NOT be resold in whole or part to any other party without further compensation to enNCee Enterprises, LLC.

  9. Use of performance:  The client agrees that enNCee Enterprises, LLC may use the client's name and finished product, in part or whole, as a sample of our work to perspective clients.

  10.  Privacy: Your personal/company information will absolutely never be shared or sold.

NOTE:  These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

* Copy Change constitutes the addition of new or changed verbiage to the script/copy originally quoted suficient so as
to make it usable as a new annoucement. Simple, minor repositioning of existing copy does not constitute copy change .

©enNCee Enterprises, LLC