About Us


We are a multimedia production company founded in 1991.

Do you want to project a professional image for your company...
Increase loyalty...Build your brand?
Most importantly, keep callers from hanging up!

Entertain, educate and market to the captive audience
on your business telephone.


On-Hold.US is a provider of effective on-hold  messaging/marketing, Auto Attendant and IVR prompts, and most other audio production.
We will make your business sound great.


WE offer a reasonably-priced, unique marketing tool to reinforce your brand and promote your products or services to a captive audience...people who have already called you!


Avoid expensive public performance license fees or possible 
STIFF FINES and PENALTIES to 'pipe' radio station audio or recorded music
(with NO announcements) through your on-hold system?


Our specialties:

On-hold Music & Messages for Office Telephone Systems1

Voiceover service for radio and television commercials

Narration for corporate presentations

PowerPoint Presentation Design

Multitrack Audio Production

Photoshop Services

Video Editing



We Also Offer
OGM, Voicemail Prompts,
IVR Prompts
Other Telephony Menu Voicing


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One & Done!!!

You purchase and OWN the equipment!
Easy Self-setup
No Monthly Subscription Fees

Affordable, easily updated messages
and music bed


We accept payment through:

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1You supply the CD/Media player and audio connecting cord between player and your phone system MOH jack.



1Requires that you have an RCA or 3.5mm MOH audio jack on your telephone system equipment.

2Optional purchase of additional messages and/or music

3We will need temporary remote access to your phone system.