The Facts of On Hold Calls:

90% of callers placed on hold with dead air hang up within 40 seconds.

65% of callers listening to dead air hang up, and 30% of those hang-ups never call back.

Recorded messages can keep callers on-hold up to 25% longer than silence!

About 70% of business phone calls are placed on hold for an average of 45-60 seconds.

 Callers listening to Messaging On-Hold will stay on the line for up to 3 minutes longer.

 The average executive spends 18 minutes per day on hold. The average person spends 60 hours per year on hold.

55 seconds is the national average hold time for companies with more than 2 telephone lines.

Over 85% of callers prefer Music & Messaging On-Hold over silence. 1 in 5 callers make a purchase or a decision based on Messaging On-Hold.

ON-HOLD.US can help you enhance the image of your company by using a professional voice on-hold to:

  • Call attention to your seasonal or special products or services.

  • Announce your hours of operation

  • Present un-advertised specials and interesting facts about your company, products and/or services!

  • Intersperse trivia questions to keep callers engaged until the answer is given.

  • Services are delivered on custom audio CD.  You simply place it in any CD player (Set to 'continuous play') plugged into the MOH (Music on Hold) input on your telephone system1.  We can even assist with setup.




1You must have an RCA or 3.5mm MOH audio jack on your telephone equipment.