Professionally-voiced Messages On-Hold - Royalty-free Music - One-time Price, No Monthly Fee - All you need is a CD player and audio patch cord from CD player to MOH jack - ALSO: Outgoing Messages - IVR and Voicemail Prompts

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Do you ever wonder how much business you could be losing or how many clients you could be irritating from calls being left

Here's a Custom Solution that makes a great impression and keeps waiting callers engaged!
On-hold Music & Messages
for YOUR office telephone system



We Also provide...
OGM, Voicemail Prompts,
IVR Prompts
Other Telephony Menu Voicing Options


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One & Done!!!

YOU purchase and OWN the
inexpensive equipment! 
Easy Self-setup
No Monthly
Subscription Fees

Affordable updates for
messages and music bed!


We accept payment through:

write for PayPal ID

*You supply the CD player and connecting audio cord between player and your phone system MOH jack.


We Prefer Payment thourgh

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Multimedia Services



Chicago USA

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1Requires that you have an RCA or 3.5mm MOH audio jack on your telephone system equipment.

2Optional purchase of additional messages and/or music

3We will need temporary remote access to your phone system.